Deschooling Activities: 115 Ideas and Examples for the Parent and Child

by Jen
100 ideas examples and activities for deschooling

100 Deschooling Activities, Ideas and Examples

Deschooling is the transitional period between traditional school and embracing homeschool. It’s a journey of discovery, growth, creativity and educational rest and reset.

Parents and children together can learn, explore and grow.

If you are looking to incorporate a period of deschooling into your family’s lifestyle, you’ve come to the right placeFrom nature walks and gardening to cooking and learning a new language, there is something for everyone. These activities not only provide opportunities for fun and learning, but they can also help foster strong bonds between parent and child.

Get ready to embark on a new and exciting journey of self directed learning with your family.

At Home

  1. Take apart old electronics
  2. Learn a new handicraft
  3. Play boardgames
  4. Enjoy a bonfire
  5. Create a fairy garden
  6. Mad Libs
  7. Origami
  8. Bake a new recipe
  9. Play solitare
  10. Color in an adult coloring book
  11. Have a garage sale
  12. Write handwritten letters to family and friends
  13. Host a sleepover
  14. Hang a bird feeder and practice birdwatching
  15. Wash cars
  16. Read a long novel
  17. Climb trees
  18. Learn how to watercolor
  19. Start a daily journal
  20. Do extreme dot-to-dots
  21. Update a room or rearrange furniture
  22. Let kids plan and make dinner
  23. Get backyard chickens
  24. Start a journal
  25. Investigate your family tree

In Your Community

  1. Visit friends and family
  2. Go on a family bike ride
  3. Be tourists in your own town
  4. Let kids pick the next field trip
  5. Plan and pack a picnic lunch
  6. Volunteer
  7. Attend a local concert
  8. Help an elderly neighbor with yardwork
  9. Start a neighborhood business Take a daytrip
  10. Find free local classes
  11. Try a new sport
  12. Go fishing
  13. Visit nearby historical markers
  14. Practice random acts of kindness
  15. Visit garage sales
  16. Explore new parks and playgrounds
  17. Spend the day at the library
  18. Browse a local bookstore
  19. Tour a university
  20. Train for a race as a family
  21. Go bowling
  22. Spend the day at a beach
  23. Explore the museums in your town
  24. Join a scouting program
  25. Make a map of your neighborhood

In Nature

  1. Play in the rain
  2. Make an outdoor fort
  3. Identify your backyard birds
  4. Explore the closest state park
  5. Climb trees
  6. Identify the trees and plants in your yard
  7. Track the weather for a month
  8. Plan and start a pollinator garden
  9. Visit a local nature center
  10. Start a rock collection
  11. Play in a river/stream/creek
  12. Go on a hike and journal afterwards
  13. Paint rocks and hide them at the park
  14. Raise butterflies
  15. Plan and plant an herb garden
  16. Visit a local botanical garden
  17. Make a mud kitchen
  18. Raise tadpoles
  19. Hunt for and identify animal tracks
  20. Make bug and animal shelters for your backyard
  21. Build a birdhouse
  22. Build a snow fort/igloo
  23. Go campling
  24. Tour a working farm
  25. Go geocaching


  1. Learn a new craft
  2. Listen to an educational podcast
  3. Take online art lessons
  4. Practic photography watch documentaries
  5. Start a kid blog
  6. Start a kid YouTube channel
  7. Learn how to sell on eBay
  8. Study personal finance and investing
  9. Start a relaxed unit study
  10. Visit mom/dad at work
  11. Visit a local science center
  12. Take music lessons
  13. Build a huge lego town
  14. Minecraft a new city based on a historical era
  15. Make a historical diorama
  16. Join a math club
  17. Join a chess club
  18. Join any club of interest
  19. Learn a new graphic design program
  20. Practice coding
  21. Listen to an audiobook
  22. Work on a family puzzle
  23. Begin a creative project
  24. Write a story for pleasure
  25. DIY home improvement projects
Deschooling activities ideas and examples for the parent and child
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