Homeschool Gameschool: The Best History and Geography Games for Elementary Kids

by Jen

Our family absolutely loves learning through games! It’s amazing how my kids don’t even realize they’re learning when they’re having fun playing.

We’ve found so many educational games that cover every subject, and it’s incredible how much knowledge they’ve gained from our carefully selected games.

But it’s not just academic concepts that they’re learning – games have taught my children valuable social skills like taking turns, being considerate, working together, and how to handle both winning and losing gracefully.

Playing these games together has been such a fun way to bond as a family, while also extending our learning time without anyone feeling like they’re in school.

In fact, we’ve found games to be such a valuable addition to our homeschooling that I’ve even written a series on gameschooling! I share our favorite games for each subject, based on our personal experiences playing them.

While my recommendations are currently geared towards elementary age games, I guarantee that every single one is tried-and-true and sure to bring joy and learning to your family.

The best history and geography games for elementary homeschool gameschooling:

There you have it!

I hope you enjoy them too!

Happy Gameschooling!!!

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