Homeschool Gameschooling: The Best Math Games For Elementary Age

by Jen

Our family can’t get enough of learning through games. Shush! My kids don’t actually see it as learning, yet they have picked up innumerable concepts just with our curated selection of educational games.

There are games for every subject and any concept can be reinforced and even taught with games.

My children have learned social skills such as taking turns, consideration, teamwork, and how to lose and win with grace.

We have shared many family bonding hours playing together at the end of the day, extending our school time without anyone the wiser.

Games have added such a benefit to our homeschool that I have written a series on gameschooling.

Here I share subject by subject recommendations on the very best games to choose from.

Every single one of these games hav been played by us and I’ve only recommended the ones we have loved the most!

Since I only recommend games we have actually played, for now I am only including elementary age games.

The best math games for elementary homeschool gameschooling:


There you have it! I’ve done my best to include only our absolute favorites! These are all games we have personally played and enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy them too!

Happy Gameschooling!!!

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