Surviving the Rough Days of Homeschooling: Tips for the Homeschool Mom

by Jen

As a mother, I am all too familiar with the difficulties involved in this challenging educational journey we call homeschooling. Although it can be tremendously gratifying, it can sometimes be challenging, especially when having a bad/off day.

At times, you could feel overburdened, impatient, or even dejected. But I want you to know that you are not alone.

Every parent has challenging days, therefore it’s crucial to have coping mechanisms in place and to be flexible enough in your homeschooling to use them.

I’ll offer some advice in this blog post on how to get through the challenging times of homeschooling. These tactics have been successful for me at different times and I believe they will be helpful for you.

A bad day is just a bad day. You will get through this!

Tips for Surviving Rough Days

Give Yourself Grace

You are doing a lot, all the time. You deserve grace too! Homeschooling is a difficult task even on the easy days and you are doing the best you can.

Whether your dealing with grumpy kids or a grumpy self, it’s important to practice self-compassion. Remember, its okay to have bad days, bad weeks and even bad seasons and it doesn’t mean you are failing as a homeschool mom.

Take a Break

Taking a break can be beneficial when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You can refuel and recharge, then return with new energy to tackle the root of the problem.

Take a walk with your kids, visit a playground, let them play or watch a show while you take time for yourself. Engage in relaxing and refocusing activities like journaling, yoga or reading.

School can wait until everyone feels better.

Change Your Environment

Speaking of taking a break, a change of scenery may be exactly what you need. Don’t feel guilty about dropping everything and going on a field trip, a hike, a walk or the playground.

The pressure to keep schooling at all costs is real, but it’s always okay to take a step back. If the weather is nice, you could even homeschool outside in the backyard, read aloud under a shady tree or just skip school for the day and do something fun.

Connect with Other Homeschool Moms

When bad days happen, having a support system can make all the difference. Making friends with other homeschooling mothers might make you feel less isolated and provide you with helpful tips and encouragement.

You could connect with other parents on social media, join a co-op or go to a support group for homeschoolers.

Focus on What’s Working

Finally, it’s ok important to focus on whats working and put away whats not for the moment. Is the problem coming from one particular subject today? Could you drop it and pull out a board game instead? Could you ignore the problem subject today and focus on a subject or area of study they love instead? Could you let your child decide what they want to work on today?

When you are having a rough day, it’s easy to get stuck in negative thinking. However, focusing on what does work for your child can help things get back on track.

Surviving the Rough Days of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is hard. It’s completely normal to have rough days, weeks or even months, but with a healthy perspective and the right strategies in place, you will get through them.

Remember to give yourself grace, take a break when needed, leave the house, connect with other homeschoolers and focus on whats working well.

You are doing a great job, Mama!

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